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SalesForce Integration Solution from ECM ToolboxSalesForce Integration

ApplicationXtender makes the SalesForce story even better. SalesForce is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. OpenText ApplicationXtender is all about managing your client records. Together ApplicationXtender and SalesForce combine business processes, people, and technology to provide your team the most effective way to get and keep customers.

Demo Video

The video below is an example of SalesForce being integrated with ECM's ApplicationXtender. Imaging enabling SalesForce with ApplicationXtender provides you with the powerful SalesForce front end interface and ApplicationXtender's extensive and robust electronic content management capabilities. In this example we are viewing a customer's account information and then retrieving from the SalesForce screen the related records in ApplicationXtender.

ECM Toolbox SalesForce Integration Demo

AX SalesForce Integration Benefits

  • Improved Client Service
    • Image Enablement allows immediate and complete access to all related client records
    • Database Integration provides real-time information on the account's status and document records
  • Save Money
    • ApplicationXtender provides a rapidly deployed solution with standard out of the box features that are cost effectively deployed and can be scaled in the future
    • ApplicationXtender is a full content management solution and can be leveraged with small incremental investments by the other organization departments
  • Secured Records
    • ApplicationXtender has an extensive document security management system with a Record Retention module and Legal Hold settings
    • Scanning records into ApplicationXtender upon arrival in your building allows the SalesForce users to have immediate access to the records and secures the records so they can be accessed by only the appropriate individuals

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