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PDF eForms Connector for AX

W-8BEN Government FormThe PDF eForms Connector for AX allows you to easily map online E-Forms PDFs so they can be completed and submitted directly to EMC ApplicationXtender (AX).

By leveraging Adobe Pro you can create dynamic forms that import directly to ApplicationXtender using PDF eForms Connector.

Your Business Analysts and End Users can create PDF-fillable documents that submit directly to ApplicationXtender with no Technology Department assistance.

The PDF eForms Connector for AX is an Enterprise License Server module.

The benefits of this model are:

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Forms
  • Extremely Low Cost
  • Easy to Create and Use Forms
ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector Demo

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End-User Experience & System Functions Mapping PDFs to AX

ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector - End User Experience & System Functions

ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector - Mapping PDFs to EMC ApplicationXtender