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OpenText ApplicationXtender Guest View Module

EMC ApplicationXtender Guest View Module from ECM ToolboxTired of printing reams of pages for the auditors?

The Guest View module from ECM Toolbox allows you to quickly give precise access rights to records inside ApplicationXtender for "temporary" or "guest" users. This solution is very useful for visiting auditors who need to see select records or employees who are visiting HR and desire to view their records.



  • Quick search
  • Search across standard indices and retrieve query results
  • Turn On/Off
  • Easily set security so that a person or group can have access to a set of documents
  • Reporting
  • Track and view which records have been "turned on or off" and viewable to auditors in the past
  • Site Admin
  • Control who has access to the AX Guest View module

ECM Toolbox Guest View Search Screen for EMC ApplicationXtender

Example Use Cases

Human Resource can let an employee see their records securely for a certain timeframe. Departments can share records with other departments in a controlled manner.

How Guest View Works

  • Select individual records or use quick "All" selection
  • Records are marked as Guest View "Yes" or "No"
  • User Security ensures that the Auditor or Guest can only see the records flipped to "Yes"
  • Flip records back to "No" with a quick change
  • Works with ApplicationXtender CM security or Active Directory
  • Web-based user interface

ECM Toolbox Guest View Results Screen for EMC ApplicationXtender

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