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Automated Archiving: Email Manager from CMA

CMA Email Manager Automated ArchivingEither as an everyday Outlook user or as an Administrator monitoring generic mailboxes, Email Manager provides the ability to create rules that, when triggered, will apply metadata to and automatically import emails. Set rules to run when emails and attachments are received, sent, and dragged and dropped to specific Outlook folders. Conditions can be set to common Outlook properties including To, From, Date and Subject.

Everyday Outlook users can create their own rules to automate the classification process. Additionally, generic mailboxes such as or can be monitored using Email Manager. All inbound email correspondence and attachments can be automatically captured, classified, and uploaded to your records or document management system. As a result, these mailboxes and their content are much easier to manage and triage. Now, workflows can be initiated to capture and systematically route communications and documents to their proper channels.

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CMA Email Manager Auto Archving Invoice Rules