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Document Management Value-Add Apps & Plugins from ECM Toolbox

DocuNECT for OpenText ApplicationXtender

DocuNECT can be used to extend the functionality of ApplicationXtender and addresses the most common implementation challenges with document migration, data extraction and classification and export.

What is DocuNECT?

Portford's DocuNECT is a solution designed to connect business users with information locked in documents. To achieve this, DocuNECT maps the document lifecycle to capture the document, extract the appropriate data, and distribute the data/document to third party business applications and data specifications.

Organizations have invested in document and data platforms to help executives, managers and employees make informed decisions to help keep the business operating. As the speed of business increases this data needs to be as accurate and accessible as possible. Data can often be inaccessible to these decision making platforms as they are locked inside electronic documents that are spread across the organization on network based file-shares, local hard drives, email, secure FTP sites, legacy systems and other sources.

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DocuNECT for EMC ApplicationXtender | ECM Toolbox
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