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AX Dynamic Indexes

ECM Toolbox has developed a solution that filters down your ApplicationXtender search so you can find documents even faster. In this way, AX Dynamic Indexes is the answer to, "Can my records be stored in folders?" The answer is yes: now you can search in AX via a folder path method to find document records.

Just watch the video below to learn more:

With AX Dynamic Indexes, you have a way to optimize searching for your documents and customizing their organization.

The above video gives an example of a user having a simple way to find documents across 38 indexes and 75 document types. By selecting "Chart Area" and "Doc Type" from the drop-down, you'll notice that the indexes change to better search for the now have 13 indexes versus 38 indexes and the Document Type drop down has changed down to two choices.

When you Submit the request, you will be brought to a "Query Result" set that is easier to manage with only the 13 relevant columns visible.

The video also shows another example: by selecting something new from the drop down list (selecting "Legal" from the list and resulting doc types), you can see how the indexes and document types change again to better suit your selections. This functionality can be used for any of your index values. It is very easy and saves you time looking for the document you need.

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