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E-Forms Wizard for EMC ApplicationXtender and PaperVision and ImageSilo from Digitech Systems

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E-Forms Wizard for AX & Digitech

The ECM Toolbox E-Form Wizard is an interactive application, a user interface that guides the user through business processes such as new account opening, new employee on-boarding, or any process that uses several forms to complete a given procedure with ApplicationXtender from OpenText as well as both PaperVision and ImageSilo from Digitech Systems. Learn more by clicking on one of the document management providers below:

from OpenText

PaperVision & ImageSilo
from Digitech Systems

ApplicationXtender Document Management & E-Forms Wizard from ECM Toolbox

Digitech Document Management & E-Forms Wizard for PaperVision and ImageSilo from ECM Toolbox

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