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Workflow Automation Software for Digitech Systems

Workflow Automation Software for EMC ApplicationXtender | ECM ToolboxECM Toolbox's Workflow is rapidly deployed, out-of-the-box, turnkey workflow automation software that leverages PaperVision document management software Image Silo cloud document management from Digitech Systems and the ECM Toolbox workflow engine.

The magic of is THIS workflow automation solution is that users have a simple interface that provides full control of the workflow process within AX.

ECM Toolbox's Workflow is a completely web-based processing solution that:

  • Automates verifications and approvals by activity owners
  • Offers advanced document management functionality
  • Transforms paper-based approvals into electronic approvals
  • Interfaces with your ERP and Business Line Solution software


  • Allows you to Create and Manage Your Workflows – IT Department Free



  • Simple interface
  • Users can quickly create, manage and delete workflow tasks
  • Process integrity
  • Establish business rules and ad hoc task routing
  • Users roles & permissions
  • Ensure secure access based on user access rights
  • New rules & departments
  • Quickly add new workflows
  • Email notifications
  • Receive timely alerts
  • Commenting
  • Add comments for the next level(s) of approval to view
  • Flexibility
  • Accept, reject or reassign single or bulk workflow tasks
  • Design customization
  • •Image-enable your ERP/accounting or other business application back-end systems
  • Two-way integration with your business application systems
  • Customize the look and feel
  • Auditing
  • At every workflow step, see who reviewed the workflow, when an action was performed and any notes/comments (whether human or system-generated); audit information is attached to the invoice

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