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New Account On-Boarding Workflow Module for Digitech Systems

New Account On-Boarding Workflow Module for Digitech Systems from ECM ToolboxSave Money NAOW

ECM Toolbox's New Account On-Boarding Workflow (NAOW) module increases operational efficiencies, provides control over your process and records, and saves you money.

The NAOW module is a powerful web-based workflow solution, leveraging feature-rich Digitech Systems PaperVision document management software and ImageSilo cloud document management and ECM Toolbox's Workflow solution.

NAOW Features & Benefits



  • Task routing based on diverse business rules
  • Assigns an account risk rating
  • Establishes document types per account
  • Provides "forced" supervisor percentage review based on the processing associate's level of experience or type of account
  • Data capture templates
  • Standardizes account risk measurement and error tracking
  • Pre-formatted emails
  • Automatically identifies issues for accounts and their documents
  • Ad hoc workflow tasks
  • Allows for one-off request for assistance and/or review
  • Audit trails
  • Captured as reports and also as a document in PaperVision and ImageSilo for each account
  • Admin module
  • Allows business owners to easily modify workflows without IT assistance:
    • Modify data capture templates
    • Change supervisor review percentage
    • Add or delete required documents for specific account types
  • Reporting
  • Provides details about productivity levels
  • Measures the supervisor review process
  • Tracks errors per branch
  • Provides extensive details based on the information available from the data capture templates
  • Immediate account status tracking
  • Automatically updates the "status" index inside PaperVision and ImageSilo as the workflow task moves through the review process

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