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The Latest ECM Toolbox Workflow Automation Enhancements

Roger Hurtado - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

AP Workflow Automation from ECM ToolboxThe ECM Toolbox Team is committed to providing you and your clients exciting new features for our AP Workflow app for OpenText ApplicationXtender and both PaperVision and ImageSilo from Digitech.

Over the last year we've added new features that further provide Efficiencies, Control and saves Money.

From a solution prospective we continue to develop features that allow for rapid deployment and empowering the business themselves to maintain the workflows.

We continue to add new features each month so let us know if there are any else you would like to see in ECM Toolbox.

Here is a list of new features added:

  1. User Dashboard – quick overview of outstanding tasks and past performance
  2. Modify AX Indexes from Workflow Screen – while processing your workflow task view the AX indexes and be able to modify (with the proper permissions); indexes can even be "required"
  3. Email Workflow Review and Approval – approve or reject a workflow task from your mobile device
  4. Round Robin Approval Queues – set the workflows to be evenly distributed
  5. Separate Tab Screens for Notes and History – easier for the users to read each other's note
  6. New Notes Indicator – informs the number of Notes and if the last Note has not been read
  7. Improved Audit Page – the enhanced look and feel make it easier to review the history
  8. Restart Workflow Functionality – review the History report and with the proper permissions restart a workflow and do maintain its past history
  9. View and Search AX from Workflow URL – easy access to search and view other records in AX
  10. AX Image Pop Out from inside Workflow – allows the image to viewed separately
  11. Next Screen Choice – allow the user to determine which screens appears after a workflow task
    1. Back to group box
    2. Back my inbox
    3. Select next from my inbox
    4. Select next un-owned from group box
  12. Forward / Email the Document from Workflow
    1. Select user group / email list
    2. Send document
    3. End workflow

Sample Screen Shots


Users have their own dashboard that updates their open workflow tasks and the general group workflow tasks:

AP Automation Workflow Dashboard from ECM Toolbox

Workflow Group Box Tab

The Group Box provides an overall view of your related Workflow Tasks and allows you to perform certain actions. The Tasks you can view are determined by user security roles. An individual may see all Tasks or only certain Tasks that related to her role(s).

AP Automation Workflow Group Box Tab from ECM Toolbox

Workflow Task Screen

This an individual workflow task:

AP Automation Workflow Task Screen from ECM Toolbox

Customizing User Interface

Users can customize the look of the grid in the Inbox and Group Box by showing or hiding the columns, changing the order and size, showing or hiding the filters, and changing skin color:

AP Automation Workflow Customization from ECM Toolbox AP Automation Workflow Show/Hide Columns from ECM Toolbox

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