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NYC Union Acquires ECM Toolbox Workflow to Process Medical Claims

Roger Hurtado - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ProConversions Corporation LogoProConversions Corp. headquartered in Watertown, CT has acquired a New York City client that's a high profile union organization. The company was looking for a complete End-To-End Document Management Solution to manage their paper and digital documentation associated with the Medical claims process. ABBYY Flexi Capture 10, ECM Toolbox Workflow and OpenText ApplicationXtender Enterprise Document Management software will automate processing of the client's medical claim forms and associated documentation. Below are some of the benefits that the client will realize from this packaged solution.

  • Automate the capture of key index information from all Health Claims received by the organization including digital files received from insurance providers and paper claims received by fax, email and snail mail.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to get the appropriate information and images into a central enterprise document management system.
  • Image enable their "CORE Business Application" so their employees can click on a client or claim number and see the document or documents associated with the claim without ever having to leave the "CORE Business" system.
  • Create an automated import process for 837 Claim files received from the insurance providers.
  • Reduce manual data entry labor and virtually eliminates operator error.
  • Have an end to end audit trail for each claim received into the business.
  • Have immediate access to all the images and a complete audit history for healthcare claims coming into the business.
  • All workflows are managed and updated in a simple to use web enabled spreadsheet that makes editing or changing an existing workflow straightforward and simple to do. This is the most talked about feature of the ECM ToolBox workflow where your users will be trained to edit, update and modify all settings, rules, correspondence and roles within the workflows we create.
  • The solution increases efficiency, improves customer service response times and significantly reduces operating costs.

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