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Now You Can Customize ECM Toolbox Workflow Software

Roger Hurtado - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ECM Toolbox Workflow Software CustomizationECM Toolbox Partners and Clients can now add their own Custom Actions and Custom User Interfaces to the Workflow Module across all ECM Toolbox software, for both OpenText ApplicationXtender and PaperVision and ImageSilo from Digitech Systems.

This ability allows all parties to play a greater role (or manage all aspects) in the design and development of the workflow. ECM Toolbox provides the outer shell and the foundation. Your developers can create the Interactive Custom User Interface Pages and Custom Workflow Actions.

Custom Workflow Actions

Developers can create .net classes and have them execute on any workflow rule.

This allows for the development classes such as ones that can analyze a complex workflow values and determine the Action for the workflow and/or inject functionality. An example is to analyze a documents index against several databases and criteria – auto Accept or Reject – and then to send a text message with a specific content if the document is accepted and an email with a different message if the document is rejected.

Custom User Interface

Developers can create custom web pages and assign these pages to any rule within a workflow.

An example is if a processor is reviewing a document in workflow then selects the "Get Data" button which launches a Salesforce Web screen. While reviewing the Salesforce screen (which is wrapped and viewed inside ECM Toolbox Workflow) they then can select the "Accept" button to finish the workflow.

Sample Screen Shot of the ECM Toolbox Workflow Rules Engine and the Developer's Links

The red box identifies the newly added Developer Links inside the ECM Toolbox Rules Engine. These links connect to the folder that identifies and launches the custom web page or executes the customer .net class.

Workflow Customization from ECM Toolbox

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