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ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector Demo

Roger Hurtado - Thursday, June 12, 2014

E-Forms Connector from ECM ToolboxThe ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector allows you to easily map online E-Forms PDFs so they can be completed and submitted directly to OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX). The E-Form connector is a program that bridges Adobe Pro with ApplicationXtender.

Below is an ECM Toolbox video demo of the in-house developed e-form solution, the E-Forms Connector. E-Forms Connector is very easy to use as it takes you through the minimal but descriptive step-by-step instructions.

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ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector Demo

Today we are demonstrating how easy it is to configure a W8 Adobe E-Form to import into a Human Resource Archive inside OpenText ApplicationXtender.

The first step, is to edit the field names in the W8 e-form with Adobe Pro. We will name this field "Tax ID" as an example. Next we save this form and open the ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector.

Here in the E-Forms Connector, we map the fields so that the data in the W8 form will populate the ApplicationXtender indexes. You can start by choosing any AX Application in the dropdown list, then we can map the AX Employee ID to the W8's Tax ID. As well as populate the index values with a Default Value, or with formula's such as Today's Date.

Now that we have mapped the W8 eForm let's fill in the W8 and submit it to ApplicationXtender.

So here we enter information like Name and Tax ID and then we select the Submit button.

Let's go take a peek and see where it went by opening ApplicationXtender Document Manager.

Let's run a query and search for "Jessica" The next screen should display the recently added form. That's how easy the ECM Toolbox E-Forms Connector is.

Contact ECM Toolbox to learn more about the E-Forms Connector or a free consultation

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