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Case Studies

The Philadelphia Contributionship

Case Study: The Philadelphia Contributorship | ECM ToolboxTPC's IT Leadership was mandated to implement solutions to increase efficiency, improve control and save money. After reviewing their options TPC choose to implement ECM Toolbox's Workflow with EMC ApplicationXtender document management software for use in both the Customer Service and Underwriting Departments. Using ECM Toolbox helped TPC complete policy change requests 300% faster and increase underwriting productivity by 250%. Learn more...

Regional Bank

Case Study: Regional Bank Workflow Automation | ECM ToolboxHow does a bank with tens of billions in assets reduce the time needed for new account on-boarding from days to hours? By scanning documentation at the start of the process and using EMC's ApplicationXtender and ECM Toolbox Workflow software from CASO, a Regional Bank did just that. Learn more...

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