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About ECM Toolbox

ECM Toolbox provides software solutions that add value to document management systems by extending their functionality with modules such as AP workflow, on-boarding, work orders, user permissions, and e-forms setup wizards. We offer special expertise with ApplicationXtender (AX) from OpenText and PaperVision and ImageSilo (cloud) from Digitech Systems.

Our solutions have been created by software developers, integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) with special expertise with enterprise content management (ECM) who see a need that is not being provided within the existing document management system. ECM Toolbox is the distribution center for these solutions. We provide a shopping mall experience for end-users that need more functionality out of their document management system and for resellers who would like to add these solutions to their product and service portfolio.

If you do not find functionality you are looking for, let us know and we may have something that can fit your needs or get something in development that will.

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